June 2, 2018

E-Commerce Credit Card Processing

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Transactions today occur online more than ever before, and shopping on computers and mobile devices is only expected to increase. Is your business ready? With e-commerce merchant services for business from AcuTech, your customers get access to the most secure online shopping experience, in an easy-to-use interface that improves client satisfaction.

Whether you’re new to e-commerce credit card processing or need a better solution, AcuTech merchant services for online business provide seamless e-commerce/MOTO transactions for fully digital enterprises and brick-and-mortar businesses that want to improve their online presence.

AcuTech’s vPost is a state-of-the-art, free virtual terminal that adapts perfectly to any type of business. Because we have a commitment to developing the best technology to power our e-commerce credit card merchant services, your business gets access to a digital cloud-based retail environment that is easy, fast, and secure. With AcuTech, you can increase online sales without sacrificing any other part of your business.

Benefits of E-Commerce for Your Business

Choosing an optimal partner to handle your online merchant services is essential to protecting the data of your customers and the integrity of your business. We work with merchants around the country, who count on our digital merchant services to provide customers with the shopping experience they’re looking for. Downtime, fraud, and threats to customer data can decrease trust and loyalty in your brand.

We provide always-on e-commerce service with the following advantages:

Security & Reliability

Security is vital when shopping online, both for the protection of your customers and for the protection of your business. Our e-commerce merchant services feature top data security, including encryption and token-ization that safeguards precious personal data during every step of the transaction. Cardholder data is never stored, which elevates peace of mind for shoppers and protects your business.

There’s no need to worry about up-time, either. Our exemplary technology and industry experts ensure transactions work every time, all the time.

Extensive Customization

Whatever online retail environment you want to create for your business, AcuTech can help you achieve it. Our ecommerce merchant services perfectly fit the design of your brand, with options including hosted checkout, shopping cart, and payment API features.

It doesn’t matter if your business accepts in-store payments, over-the-phone payments, online payments, or all of the above. We provide one solution that works however you need it to. We get to know your business, so we can help you create the e-commerce solution that boosts your online sales.

E-Commerce & Physical Systems

If you have a physical retail space, our v-Post terminal allows you to accept keyed and swiped transactions in addition to online purchases. With v-Post, you still get the same functionality of a traditional terminal. You can even attach a USB reader to a laptop or mobile device for a custom in-store solution that instantly integrates with your online store.

There’s no need to worry about up-time, either. The technology experts at AcuTech are industry experts and will ensure that your transactions work every time, all the time.

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